林戈是一位来自扬州的青年电影导演。“没有一种艺术形式能像电影那样接近现实的复杂,像电影那样展示灵魂的密度。” 他着迷于在日常中寻找故事,展示人与人之间微妙的联结。通过视听语言的探索,他凝视社会语境中的个体,以电影观照现实。在电影消亡的年代实践电影的他自认“相见恨晚,但不算太迟……每每望向街上人们的表情,我总会想要去说些什么——而电影仍然是最好的方式。”

Ringo Lin is a young director from Yangzhou, China. "Any form of art can't reach that complexity of life and can't gracefully approach the density of humanity other than film." He is always interested in digging stories from normal life and finding delicate connections between human beings. With his camera, he gazes at individuals beneath the social context, reflecting reality via exploring the audio-visual language. As a young man born in the era of the demise of film arts, he says "It's at dusk but isn't too late... Looking at those faces in the street, I see stories waiting to be told... and film is still the best path."

Known for.

  • Guilty Pleasure 寻欢作恶 (2023)
Fiction, 29min, Director

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  • 2023 -
École internationale de Création audiovisuelle et de Réalisation (EICAR, Paris)

  • 2017 - 2022
BA Filmmaking (in Directing)
Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU, Suzhou)


  • Filmmaking (Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing, Mixing, Color Grading, Producing)

  • DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, Logic Pro, Final Draft, Assimilate, Photoshop, Pixelmator Pro, Lightroom, Capture One, Cinema 4D, InDesign, Microsoft Office...


  • Cinephile, Geeker (in Audio-visual)

  • Photography (Film&Digital)

  • Classical, Free Jazz, King Crimson

  • Hand drip...