Full credits.

  • Dance with Me 共舞 (2019) Documentary

导演, 后期制作
Director, Post-production

  • Wo 我 (2020) Documentary

导演, 后期制作
Director, Post-production

  • Tomorrow 明天 (2020) Fiction

编剧, 导演, 后期制作
Writer, Director, Post-production

  • Redrum 杀人短片 (2021) 72h-challenge

导演, 灯光师, 后期制作
Director, Gaffer, Post-production

  • Exhausted 伤逝 (2021) Fiction

编剧, 导演, 对白剪辑, 拟音师, 混音师
Writer, Director, Dialogue Editor, Foley Artist, Sound Mixer

  • Oedipus 诅咒 (2021) Fiction

制片人, 编剧, 导演, 声音指导, 后期制作
Producer, Writer, Director, Sound Designer, Post-production

  • Goldfish(2021) Experimental


  • Yu Zhen Tang 换命 (2021) Fiction

声音指导, 混音师
Sound Designer, Sound post-production

  • A Fashion Show (2021)Documentary

摄影指导, 数字影像技师

  • Guilty Pleasure 寻欢作恶 (2023) Fiction

导演, 声音剪辑, 混音师
Director, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer

  • Sing Together 齐鸣 (2023) Fiction

声音指导,声音剪辑, 混音师
Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer

  • Edvard in Paris (2023) Mockumentary

Cameraman, Post-production

  • Waiting Room (2023) Fiction

Writer, Director, Post-production

  • Hide and Kill (2023) Fiction

Director, Post-production

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